Each location worldwide and within Europe has its own service team to handle service tasks in a timely and effective manner; If necessary, service personnel can also be deployed to other locations. Thanks to a total of 29 service engineersworking alone in Europe, we offer our customers the highest level of service availability.

The service primarily includes the design of experienced engineers and technicians for the installation and commissioning of new plants, troubleshooting and fixing, as well as maintenance work at existing plants.

In addition, our employees will also advise you on maintenance, spare parts supply/stockpiling, modernization or conversion of the installed smelting plants. For further work, an experienced team of fitters is available, who are able to carry out even the most difficult work directly on site at the customer’s premises. From the change of coil to furnace repair and the modernization of the water refrigeration system, our employees are able to carry out the necessary work quickly and efficiently.

For Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland, the necessary specialist personnel are designed directly from our Simmerath site (25 km from Aachen). From this there is also the dispatch of the most important spare and wear parts, which are stored here in bearings.